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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Starting Isagenix Tomorrow

This writing challenge must be working because I'm already back for more...I should totally wait until midnight to post this.

Remember how I mentioned I'd soon be starting this Isagenix program? Well, my products arrived today and I'm jumping right in. I'm starting the program tomorrow, March 6, 2014. In preparation I drank three cups of coffee and stuffed my face with several Oreo cookies.

This evening I had a teleconference with a couple of people who are (I'm not sure what to call them) part of the Isagenix team. Everyone I'm talked to through Isagenix has been so helpful and positive. I really do feel like I have a whole team of people behind me supporting me and this is beyond my usual support system of family and friends. I have to say it's a little overwhelming and completely awesome.

This is all of the products that came in the box.
So, here's what I've learned so far about the products that came in my kit. I watched a video and took notes so that I could figure out what each product is for.  
Cleanse for Life: a nutritional drink that heightens the body's ability to break down and release harmful substances
IsaLean Shake: a well balanced complete meal replacement
Natural Accelerator: helps facilitate the cleansing process also increases fat burning and energy
Isagenix Snacks: well balanced snack to curb cravings
Isaflush: to address constipation
Energenix: included to help on those days you need a little more energy
Ionix Supreme: a nutritional drink that aids the body in combating stress with over 100 active ingredients from super foods
And a little gift to help get me started. This is the Isagenix Shaker and it has this neat little "BlenderBall" that is supposed to work really well. It looks pretty awesome, but I'll let you know tomorrow how it works.

Thank you to my friends who gave me a welcome to Isagenix!
Wish me luck! Tomorrow is start day and the first time I'll be without coffee in I don't know how long. I'm debating whether to share my measurements and weight...I'll sleep on it and decide tomorrow. Ta ta for now! Have a good night! 


  1. I LOVE ISAGENIX!! So how are u doing?

  2. Hi I love the program .. Begin Monday! Fell off the band wagon .. Honeymoon state of my relarionship caused it. Looking fwd to benefits and results!! Good luck Elle !!

  3. I'm at day 38 and I've lost 22.5 lbs and 12 inches. I'm doing quite well, but having some snacking issues that have crept up recently. Good luck with your journey! Let me know how it goes!


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