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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Day 1 Isa Update

I promised that I would let you know how the rest of my day went. Well, the truth is it was pretty awful. I had my IsaLean Shake for lunch and then started to feel psychologically hungry. Anyone who's ever dieted knows what I mean. It's when you've just eaten and you know your body isn't hungry but boy do you feel hungry. I was able to remind myself that my body is used to not eating lunch after 2:00 anyway. So, suck it up Susan and get on with your day. Only that shortly before 2:00 my head started to pound. I guess my body finally realized the skipped coffee was on purpose and that no caffeine would be coming. By the time I finally went on my lunch break I could barely see. I grabbed a chamomile tea, ate my fiber snack bar and napped in my car for 20 minutes. The nap helped a bit with the headache but by the time I was finally on my way home I was a very miserable woman. I had to run an errand on the way home and let's just say I was not a very gracious human being. My original plan for dinner wen t out the window because I was too hungry to wait. Thankfully I was able to throw together quite the nice meal for myself. I put together a salad with Greek dressing, jalapeno cheese and hard boiled eggs. Then I had the rhubarb walnut muffin that was given to me earlier in the day. All of it was delicious. I'm sure it's not exactly what I should have eaten, but I've gotta work with what's in my cupboard for a couple of days. At least I didn't eat the Oreos! Herbal tea is definitely helping get me through. I really need to pick up some peach herbal tea. I am finding the rest of my evening a bit challenging. This is my prime snacking time. This is hard, but not impossible. I see an early bedtime in my near future.

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