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Friday, January 8, 2010

Another Step Forward

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After all my running around yesterday and trying to get the kids to bed I did NOT want to go to the gym. I was so angry and frustrated that the boys wouldn't go to sleep. I feel guilty that my husband is home with the kids all day long and then he has to deal with them at night too. I decided not to go to the gym. Ben told me to just go anyway. I honestly wasn't going to go, but then a thought occurred to me: this is the exact reason why I fail every time I try to lose weight. I get frustrated or too tired and I basically give up.
So, I started my workout at 9 pm and worked out for an hour. I spent 20 minutes on the treadmill. I was angry so I kept walking faster then I'd set the speed for. So I kept to a very brisk walk and even ran a few times, granted not for long periods of time. I'm just so proud of myself for not falling into old traps and working hard. Of course, I felt so much better after my workout!

Cardio - Treadmill
20 minutes / 1.1 miles / 314 calories

Weight Training - Back/Biceps/Calves

Lateral Pull Down
1 warmup set 40 lbs 12 reps
3 sets 60 lbs 15 reps

Reverse Grip Lateral Pull Down
2 sets 60 lbs 15 reps

Alternate DB Bicep Curls
1 warmup set 5 lbs 12 reps
3 sets 7.5 lbs 15 reps

Alternate DB Hammer Curls
3 sets 7.5 lbs 15 reps

Standing Calf Press
1 warmup set 40 lbs 12
3 sets 60 lbs 15 reps

Cool Down 5 minutes Elliptical

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Good morning people! Today is a good day. I've lost 3 lbs since December 30th!

Yesterday I only ate 2003 calories. I'm finding that as long as I keep busy after work I'm not overeating. In the past when I've watched what I eat or counted points for Weight Watchers I always maxed out my daily allowance. Of course, I'd often go over my allotted amount, which is why I'm shocked that I'm not doing that. Don't get me wrong I'm VERY happy about this!! I hope I can stick with this consistently!

Last night I was the first night back to GEMS since the holidays. It was great! The girls were super hyper of course but we had a great time. We're working on the Role Models badge and planning a party! The girls are very excited and this is going to fill up the month quite nicely.

I did not go to the gym last night, but I did keep myself busy all night. As soon as I was finished work I started folding laundry and rearranging my office. By the time that was done it was time to eat and run out the door.

At GEMS I barely sat the whole time. I'd just get comfy and have to go do something (well as comfy as you can be sitting on the floor with 7 10 year olds). When I got home all I wanted to do was sit down and relax, but ended up folding more laundry. So in the end I didn't really sit around at all.

Tonight I've got a bunch of running around to do and will hit the gym about 8:30/8:45.
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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Cardio Day

Today was a great day! But I'm sure if I look back I always have great days in the beginning. Starting hasn't usually been a problem, it's been sticking to it that I struggle with. It's funny, but in a sad way. I could probably go back through my blog to the last time I "started" and it would sound almost identical to these last couple of blogs.

So, while I'm happy I did well today I want to remain focused on doing well today and tomorrow and the day after that.

For my current weight my daily caloric intake should be 2000-2300 to lose weight. For this week I'm focusing on 2300 calories per day.

Yesterday I hit 2297 calories and I was super happy that I stuck to the 2300. Today my total calorie intake was 2157! I've noticed a few things that kept me from eating or wanting to eat.

Here is a list of this weeks tips for my own success:
- keep busy after work (doing dishes, helping kids with homework, working out)
- have a cup of expresso with non-fat milk after work to keep my appetite at bay
- put leftovers in the kitchen right away - even before sitting down to eat if possible
- eat my meals very slowly especially the ones that taste so good I want more

Workout - Cardio

Treadmill: 40 minutes / 2 miles /262 cal / 3.4-3.2 mph

Monday, January 4, 2010

Welcome to bEiNg eLLe 2010!

With the new year brings the dreaded New Years Resolutions. We all do it, we all see the new year as a beginning whether we see it as good or bad. Some make a detailed list with goals, sometimes it's just an idea in our heads that this year will be better. Well, in keeping with tradition my resolution is to ...ahem... lose weight, among other things.

Yeah, I know. No surprise there. You're probably all sick of hearing the same tired excuses over and over again. I know I'm tired of saying them. Really at this point the only thing I really have to say is that I do not want keep gaining weight and one day be at 300 lbs. I cannot gain more weight then I already have. goal is to lose 100 pounds. To achieve this I have to write everything down. I DESPISE keeping track of my food. Mostly I hate having to measure and keep track at all. Having said that I KNOW there's really no option here. If I truly want to lose weight I've GOT to manage my eating. And we all know what I've done up to this point has NOT worked! All of this I emphasize mostly because I need to remind myself of what is important. Taking a few more minutes to keep track of food or gaining more weight.

To lose 100 lbs

Current weight: 250 lbs

I took my progress pictures. I'm not sure I want to post them just yet, but I read a blog today that inspired me. Check out Angel's Blog, she may inspire you too! If she can post her video, I can post my before pictures. I won't post them directly in my blog, but if you would like to see them please click here.

I have a routine that I'm going to follow. However, I'd forgotten about GEMS on Wednesday's so I'll have to rework my schedule for next week. For now this week's plan is:

Monday - Chest, Triceps, Abs

Tuesday - Cardio

Wednesday - Cardio

Thursday - Back, Biceps, Calves

Friday - Cardio

Saturday - Legs, Shoulders, Abs

Sunday - Cardio

Last night was the first time I've done a real workout in a very long time. The gym can be a very intimidating place at first. The cardio equipment is easy, but I find the weight area very scary. I'm afraid everyone is watching me and making fun of the fat girl. Until I get used to it I have to constantly remind myself that I have every right to be there. More so in ways since I have a long way to go to get into shape. The people that intimidate me already look good. It's totally a mental block that I have to overcome, but last night was the first step in doing that. Here is last night's workout:


Elliptical: 20 minutes / 342.2 calories


Incline DB Press:
1 warm-up set 5 lbs 12 reps
3 sets 7.5 lbs 15 reps

Incline DB Flyes:
1 warm-up set 5 lbs 12 reps
3 sets 5 lbs 15 reps


Tricep DB Curls:
1 warm-up set 7.5 lbs 12 reps
3 sets 7.5 lbs 15 reps

Tricep DB Kickbacks:
2 sets 7.5 lbs 15 reps


Crunches: 60
Reverse Crunch: 15

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