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Friday, January 8, 2010

Another Step Forward

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After all my running around yesterday and trying to get the kids to bed I did NOT want to go to the gym. I was so angry and frustrated that the boys wouldn't go to sleep. I feel guilty that my husband is home with the kids all day long and then he has to deal with them at night too. I decided not to go to the gym. Ben told me to just go anyway. I honestly wasn't going to go, but then a thought occurred to me: this is the exact reason why I fail every time I try to lose weight. I get frustrated or too tired and I basically give up.
So, I started my workout at 9 pm and worked out for an hour. I spent 20 minutes on the treadmill. I was angry so I kept walking faster then I'd set the speed for. So I kept to a very brisk walk and even ran a few times, granted not for long periods of time. I'm just so proud of myself for not falling into old traps and working hard. Of course, I felt so much better after my workout!

Cardio - Treadmill
20 minutes / 1.1 miles / 314 calories

Weight Training - Back/Biceps/Calves

Lateral Pull Down
1 warmup set 40 lbs 12 reps
3 sets 60 lbs 15 reps

Reverse Grip Lateral Pull Down
2 sets 60 lbs 15 reps

Alternate DB Bicep Curls
1 warmup set 5 lbs 12 reps
3 sets 7.5 lbs 15 reps

Alternate DB Hammer Curls
3 sets 7.5 lbs 15 reps

Standing Calf Press
1 warmup set 40 lbs 12
3 sets 60 lbs 15 reps

Cool Down 5 minutes Elliptical

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