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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Cardio Day

Today was a great day! But I'm sure if I look back I always have great days in the beginning. Starting hasn't usually been a problem, it's been sticking to it that I struggle with. It's funny, but in a sad way. I could probably go back through my blog to the last time I "started" and it would sound almost identical to these last couple of blogs.

So, while I'm happy I did well today I want to remain focused on doing well today and tomorrow and the day after that.

For my current weight my daily caloric intake should be 2000-2300 to lose weight. For this week I'm focusing on 2300 calories per day.

Yesterday I hit 2297 calories and I was super happy that I stuck to the 2300. Today my total calorie intake was 2157! I've noticed a few things that kept me from eating or wanting to eat.

Here is a list of this weeks tips for my own success:
- keep busy after work (doing dishes, helping kids with homework, working out)
- have a cup of expresso with non-fat milk after work to keep my appetite at bay
- put leftovers in the kitchen right away - even before sitting down to eat if possible
- eat my meals very slowly especially the ones that taste so good I want more

Workout - Cardio

Treadmill: 40 minutes / 2 miles /262 cal / 3.4-3.2 mph

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