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About Being Elle

Being eLLe was created to share my journey through life. I always enjoyed writing until I thought I should make that my career and my love of writing died. A few years ago I decided to get back into writing for pleasure and over the years it's evolved into the current blog you see today. 

I'm a spirited woman who's always on the go. I manage to squeeze in raising kids, work, blogging and countless other tasks in my daily life. Through all of this, I always try to be a shoulder to cry on. 

I am a mom of three and married to my best friend. I'm a bit of a spaz with the things I enjoy – from cooking and baking to volunteering at church, weight lifting and even web design (although I'm trying to get away from it). Of course, I love spending time with family and friends too! 

Life has a lot to offer and I'm ready to take it on!

1 comment:

  1. Hey eLLe! It's Stephen from Deep Existence. It's cool that you love to write. I find it therapeutic and it helps me sort my thoughts into meaningful conclusions. My best friends have always been male, so I haven't been able to marry one yet. :-D


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