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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Another Successful Class

It's Thursday already! At least this is a super short week. I don't think I'd survive if it wasn't.

Last night was my third class with Primal Strength Systems. We started the class in the rain and ended by getting eaten alive!

Finally another woman has joined us and this time we all actually introduced ourselves. We are all at various degrees of fitness but what I find fascinating is that each of us has a strength in at least one area. I love my squats!

The other woman in the class is amazing! She's got seven month old twins! And she said one side of her body is weaker than the other (I'm not sure why). But she's truly amazing. She can't do everything so the trainer gives her alternatives and you can see she's really trying. She's my hero of the week! It just goes to prove anyone at any fitness level can do this!

So, I thought we had gotten off "easy" until the end when we had to do that damned bear crawl! I was crawling by the last 5 feet but it wasn't exactly a bear crawl.

It's only been 3 classes and I can see improvement in my strength already! This is where my stubbornness really is a blessing. I had to do farmer walks with around 70lbs in each hand and about halfway I wanted to drop them but kept going just out of sheer stubbornness! The 75 lbs bag is getting slightly easier to lift. I've been able to lift it without falling on my duff and without help. I even managed to do 5 front squats with it.

The best part about this class is that I'm not self conscious. For the most part I keep up with everyone else. And I really look forward to class!

If you're ever interested in joining or have questions please feel free to contact Terry!

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