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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Challenge Accepted - Day 1

Happy March!

I've been in a writing funk for a couple of years now. I go through short bursts of writing regularly to long droughts of little to no posts at all. A fellow blogger and close friend suggested I just start writing something, anything. Well, it's a couple of months later and I'm finally here. I don't know if you're a writer or not, but the longer you go without writing the harder it is to put pen to paper or fingers to keys and actually put words on the page.

Another blogger I know (yes I know a lot of bloggers) wrote about creating new habits by breaking goals down into really small pieces. One of these smaller goals was to write 50 words every day and this has stuck with me. I love the idea of breaking my goals into really small pieces. In fact I like the idea so much that I recently purchased Mini Habits: Smaller Habits, Bigger Results. I'll post a review later because all of this to say - Challenge Accepted!

For the month of March I will blog something I would like to encourage you to harass me if you don't see an update. 

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