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Saturday, March 22, 2014

A Day in the Life of Being Elle - IsaGenix Style

Good morning and happy Saturday to you! I hope you enjoy some rest and relaxation today. Here's a glimpse of what we woke up to in Ottawa today.
Nothing says spring quite like a snow storm!
I had grand plans to do another video post today, but it'll have to wait until I've got a tripod for my camera.

After yesterday's post I realized that I rambled on and on about this program called Isagenix, but I didn't really go into the details. So, I thought I'd do a day in the life of my Isagenix plan through pictures.

Isagenix Corner
Welcome to Being Elle's Isagenix Corner. It's my little corner of health and wellness. I keep all of my products together for easy access. The extras I store in a cupboard.

So, let's take a tour of my day with Isagenix.

When I wake up I usually have a cup of water and find my way to the kitchen. I start off with 1 oz of Ionix Supreme and yes, I do take it from a shot glass. Why not make it fun?

Ionix Supreme is a nutrient-rich herbal tonic infused with natural vitamins, minerals and plant-based Adaptogens. 

Then I make my breakfast shake. I use my shaker cup to measure the water and I add a few ice cubes as well. I pour the water and ice into the blender, add two scoops of the IsaLean Shake, and blend for about 30 seconds.

IsaLean Shakes are a complete, 240-calorie meal replacement that perfectly blends 24 grams of no compromise undenatured protein, low-glycemic carbs and healthy fats to reduce your caloric intake without depriving your body of much needed nutrition. 
IsaLean Shakes are clinically shown to: 
  • Burn fat and support lean muscle 
  • Reduce cravings and keep you full longer 
  • Increase energy and recovery 
  • Soy-free with active enzymes to aid digestion 
  • Less than $3 per meal, no artificial colors or flavors

I also take one Natural Accelerator capsule with my breakfast and one with my afternoon snack.

Support your body’s ability to efficiently metabolize fat with Natural Accelerator. Natural thermogenic ingredients such as cayenne, green tea, cinnamon and ginseng have been shown to possess fat-burning qualities, which can kindle metabolism and support weight loss. 

  • Excellent for Cleanse Days 
  • Helps reduce appetite 
  • Helps boost metabolism and burn fat 
  • Stimulant free and will not cause the jitters
I enjoy two shakes a day. One for breakfast and one for lunch.

Now, you may be wondering about snacks. Well, I have a morning snack and an afternoon snack. The snacks don't look like much but they really do work.

Isagenix Snacks are the perfect balance of taste and nutrition. Contain a perfect balance of nutrients to help naturally curb your appetite to keep your weight loss goals on track. These wafers are the perfect balance of taste and nutrition to help take the edge off of hunger. 

  • Great for Cleanse Days or any day of the week 
  • Naturally curbs appetite 
  • Maximizes weight loss 
  • Dairy-free option also available

The IsaDelights are the most amazing part of this whole system. These chocolates have saved me through this journey. I don't feel deprived because I still get to eat chocolate. Currently I've got the dark chocolate, but next time I'm going with the milk chocolate. I've tried both and while I'm a huge dark chocolate fan I'm finding I like the milk chocolate IsaDelights a little more.

IsaDelight Plus are a delicious, guilt-free chocolate that satisfies hunger and sugar cravings. Milk or Dark Chocolate. Your Choice. When your brain is low on “feel-good” chemicals, it seeks out sugar, junk food and caffeine to artificially boost your energy and mood levels. IsaDelight Plus is specially formulated with green tea extract, amino acids, antioxidants, B vitamins and minerals to help ease those cravings. The creamy Milk Chocolate and delicious Dark Chocolate squares also boost your energy, mood and fire up your fat-burning potential. 

  • Curbs cravings on Cleanse Days or any day 
  • Low in sugar, equal to 1/8 of an apple 
  • Helps burn fat 
  • Only 60 calories per treat

So, there you have it. A day in the life of me. Dinner is whatever I make, but I try my best to stick within the Isagenix recommendations. I make sure to load up on the veggies at dinner and I don't snack in the evening at all. I drink a lot of water throughout the day and a lot of herbal tea. In fact, herbal tea has become my new obsession. It's been a journey just to find the right herbal tea but I think I finally have. Through the process though I've amassed a lot of tea. Maybe I need to have a tea party!

My favorites are the Peach Mango White and the Chocolate Orange

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