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Monday, August 29, 2011

Date Night...

Date NightImage via Wikipedia
Are you married or in a serious relationship? Do you have kids? Remember the good ole days when you could just go out whenever you wanted? Now that my kids are a little older and thanks to a wonderful friend my husband and I finally get to go out together. 

At first, we'd go out and be home after about an hour. Other times we didn't plan for the evening and ended just driving around. 

Well, I think we're finally getting used to date night. Tonight, we had money, we went out for dinner and went shopping. We stayed out for about 3 hours! We got home and the kids were asleep! It was so nice to NOT have to put them to bed. 

It's surprising how difficult it can be to get back that part of your relationship. The part where you go out together without the kids and you have to have a conversation that isn't interrupted by the kids. That's not to say my husband and I never talk. It's just different! 

I highly recommend date night and it doesn't have to end up a disaster like in the movie Date Night

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