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Monday, April 19, 2010

Stumbling Through Life

As many of you know I am a GEMS counselor. The purpose of GEMS Girls' Clubs is to help bring girls into a living, dynamic relationship with Jesus Christ

This year's season is quickly winding down and I didn't have anything planned. From time to time winging it seems to really pay off. I quickly put together a few activities from one of our resources and I think I managed to provide a powerful message. 

The main  activity we did was to be blindfolded and maneuver through an obstacle course of chairs to get the ball on the other side. The idea was to show the girls that when we try to do things on our own we often stumble and fall. When we take the time to listen to God and follow the path he has laid out for us we often get exactly what we need.  

Each of the girls took a turn and at the end I decided I should go through as well. While blindfolded the girls decided to use my phone to take a video. The quality isn't great, and please keep in mind that I didn't know I was being recorded.

I think it really helped the girls and myself to tangibly see or rather feel how difficult it is to navigate through life. Even though we cannot always see the path, if we take the time to listen to God he will always steer us in the right direction.

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