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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Toe Blogger

What is with me and toes? So, I did it again. I hurt one of my toes. This time it's not broken or dislocated (that I know of). 

Last night I went upstairs to start getting the kids ready for bed. Both rooms were trashed and while the boys were cleaning their room I went into Riley's to fix it up. Well, her bed had been moved all around the room. It's one of those wooden frames with the 3 drawers. In the process of her bed being moved the vent cover ended up underneath the frame. I lifted the bed up quickly moved the vent cover out from underneath and promptly dropped the wooden bed frame right onto my toe, the index toe for lack of better description. I literally screamed in pain and yes I bawled like a little girl. I couldn't stop! It hurt so badly! And I thought dislocating my baby toe hurt...apparently having your toe squashed by a bed hurts even more. At least I didn't weep like a baby the last time. 

The one thing that boggles me, other than my sheer klutziness, is even though my to was squished it the very front of the toe that hurts the most not the top. What is up with that? If this keeps up I'm going to forever be remembered as The Toe Blogger.
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