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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Kids, Sleep and Caffeine!

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What is it with kids and getting them to sleep? I just don't get why they have to fight it every step of the way, even with a set routine kids just HATE going to sleep. It's like they're going to miss something phenomenal like what? Folding laundry or doing dishes?

At this stage in life I'd do just about anything to get more sleep. I think we as adults maybe have it all backwards. We should introduce a daily nap to our lives! Instead we rely more and more heavily on coffee and caffeinated products. Have you tried the new Red Bull Power Shot? Instead of the normal can you get this little shot that is supposed to do you for 5 hours. By the way...the answers are Yes, I did and Yes, it worked. 

The more caffeine we consume, the more we need to get that jolt we're looking for. We're all a bunch of caffeinated junkies. And we all go through the I think I'm drinking too much coffee so I better cut back phase. We end up with headaches and being extremely irritable only to eventually give in and start the process all over again. I must say though as a parent I don't think I could function long term without caffeine. 

In fact I love caffeine so much that the espresso machine I got for Christmas has replaced my coffee maker and gets used about 2-3 times every day (more on a "bad" day). Apparently most people who get an espresso machine and use it once or twice and then let it collect dust. I no longer spend huge amounts of money on fancy coffee at Starbucks or Second Cup. I've been able to create my own peppermint mochas with way less fat/calories/money!
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