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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Early Morning

Two ElasticsImage by drocpsu via Flickr's 5 a.m. No way am I getting up. Oh should get up and go for a walk. Nope, I'm going back to sleep.'re up now might as well get up and go. I need them. Hmm, where's my sweater? It's so dark in here...stupid phone won't stay lit so I can see. Can't find it, gonna check downstairs. Okay...I'm soon as I find my sweater...oh wait breakfast. Ugh! Drinking hideous Slim-Fast shake...ugh! That's gross. Now, where is that sweater...not the main level or basement...back all the way upstairs....nope...Okay get your shoes on dummy. You do this every time. You focus on one thing and when that doesn't work out you just don't go....Oh, just grab any sweater from the laundry room...Wait...what's this? HELLO sweater! I've been looking for you. I didn't even know you ended up in the laundry. Okay, shoes - check...Ready to go....

Well I did it. I went for a walk this morning. I can barely believe it! I went for 30 minutes. I feel pretty good that I accomplished something. I admit before I even made the half way mark I wanted to turn around and go back to bed, but I marched on. I didn't go as far as I'd have liked, but that will come with getting out on a regular basis. For now my goal is just to get out there at least 3 times this week.

Distance: 1.86 mi
Duration: 00:29:52
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