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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Winter Joggers o.O Really????

WASHINGTON - DECEMBER 19:  Jogger Max Lockwood...
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Okay, so I'm still not blogging regularly..but I haven't given up. I think about you often and some of the things I'd like to share and then life gets in the way. 

I was up very early this morning and I came across some of those hard core know the ones that jog in any weather - rain, sun, snow storm... 

My question is WHY? 

Why do you insist on running in bad weather? Why are you out there in the middle of winter? And do you have winter running shoes? How does that work? 

I mean I understand the fundamentals of you love to run and it's good for you or addictive or whatever and I get it in the decent weather...I'll even give you the rainy weather, but winter??? Are you all insane? 

I've done some crazy things in the name of fitness, but running outside in the winter just ain't one of them. Seriously, I really wanna know about the must have to replace them often! And if you're a hard core runner you certainly don't have cheap running shoes. 

Can someone enlighten me? 

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1 comment:

  1. I saw a guy jogging today in a blizzard, I wondered what all the cold might be doing to his lungs.


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