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Saturday, November 5, 2011


I feel like this chicken...
I probably look like this... know...
...the crazy eyes...

Happy Saturday and welcome to our new look! Blogger added dynamic views and I figured since this is a new chapter in my life my blog should reflect that. 


That's what my life needs right now. 

I crave the simple things in having time to eat breakfast and enjoy a cup of coffee before I start my day or a simple afternoon nap. But this is the real world and at this time in my life nothing is simple and time is very precious because I can see it flying by, slipping through my fingers. 

Don't get me wrong I enjoy school. I love my course and the wonderful people in my class. I knew it was going to be tough. I knew it would be stressful. I did not know how much of a toll the stress would put on me and my family. I'm on edge all the time. I'm stressing out about everything and as a result I've gained a bunch of weight. 

So, now enter guilt on top of stress. I'm in the cycle of feeling too tired to do anything but knowing if I do I'll have more energy. 

So? What's a girl to do? I know a lot of it boils down to managing my time better. How do I  get everything done in the day without passing out from exhaustion? I need to find time to take care of me. 
If I'm not well how can I take care of everyone else? 

Wish me luck. I'd appreciate a few prayers for me to get my act together. I do hope to blog more...I need an outlet and always enjoy sharing with my readers. 

Hoping you're all well!

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