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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Being Elle Meets Organic

Good evening! Well, I must say eating "real food" went well today. I did have a vanilla iced coffee from McD's but I didn't have lunch there so I still count that as a win. I ate every meal at the table without distractions like my phone, tv, computer or reading something. The best part is that I didn't eat nearly as much as I usually would have.

I went grocery shopping today and while at Sobey's I hit up their 50% aisle. I bought organic tomato soup, organic oatmeal cookie mix and organic brownie mix. I don't usually care to buy organic, it's usually a lot more expensive, but I do try to make things from scratch as much as possible. Hey this stuff was like $1.49 so I splurged.

I've never really looked at the organic products, but I have to say I'm really impressed! I looked at the ingredients and I know exactly what each ingredient is and how to say it. The organic oatmeal cookies contain: organic wheat flour, organic brown sugar, organic rolled oats, salt and baking soda. A non-organic version would have a bunch of other crap in it that I couldn't pronounce, let alone understand what it is. It makes me super happy that I make most things from scratch.

I made the organic brownies and my own homemade oatmeal chocolate chip cookies. The kids all enjoyed the brownies I had a small bite sized piece. I remember reading not to deny myself, but to wait until I really want something. It's kept me going today. I find it easier to know I can have a food but that I'm choosing to wait until later or "tomorrow".

I'm still not feeling 100% so I did not do my hill sprints. Tomorrow is reverse lunges, push-ups, inverted rows and side planks and I can't wait!

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