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Saturday, July 31, 2010

No Pain No Gain?

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Well, I had a good week with working out and then Sunday night went to bed in tears from back pain. I'm not sure if it was biking, weight lifting or if it was the reverse crunches that messed my back up. I didn't lift anything too heavy so I am pretty sure it was the reverse crunches since the pain is more around my tailbone than just my lower back. Also, I'm inclined to believe it had nothing to do with muscle since Advil and back pain medication did nothing for my pain. A friend gave me her leftover T3s (there were only 5) and these didn't help with the pain, but did help me get a good nights sleep at least.

It's now Friday after work and I'm on the bus as I type this. My back still hurts, but no where near as badly as the first few days. I wanted to take 2 days off and start again, but at this point I don`t want to further mess up my back. I'm going to start fresh after the weekend.

I've continued to try and limit my food intake. I still haven't had any cookies,  but I had a hefty piece of buttermilk pie Sunday night. I admit that there were a few times I used my pain as an excuse to eat. However, I did not use it as an excuse to eat poorly every day all day. I`m not sure that I'll lose any weight this week without the working out, but I'm sure I will have at least maintained what I've already lost.

I'm still enjoying my new outlook on life. I've been craving healthier foods a lot more than the fattier foods. I've got hot sausages in the freezer that I haven't wanted to eat because of the grease. Just one example of small changes I`ve notices in myself lately.

I will keep you posted on my return to fitness.
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