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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Happy Birthday Shakespeare!

Today marks William Shakespeare's 450th birthday. Normally, I wouldn't even notice this kind of thing. I just happened to hear about it on the radio. But, this got me thinking. Where would we be without Shakespeare today? I am no Shakespearean expert. (The fact that I even know the word Shakespearean is quite miraculous.) I have to admit that he's had a profound influence over my life and the lives of a great many of us.

Can you imagine a world where there were no Romeo and Juliet type plays, books, or movies? Of course, there are a great deal more of his works that influence our lives today. What I am trying to get at is that 398 years after Shakespeare died he is still a huge part of our technologically advanced society. He's still relevant. Man, I'm not sure how relevant my life is now, let alone 398 years from now. Will anything I do matter in a year, or 20 years or 400 years from now?

So, my hat's off to William Shakespeare for continuing to be relevant in a world vastly different from his own. Happy birthday ole chap, somehow I think you'll still be relevant 500 years from now!  

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