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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Archnemesis - The Lying Leg Raise

Do you have one exercise that you absolutely hate and dread doing? Is it the one exercise you really SHOULD do? My exercise nemesis is Lying Leg Raises. I absolutely hate these but they're so effective. I'd rather do 100 crunches then a set of leg raises, so I thought I'd blog about it. 

The Lying Leg Raise targets the lower abs, but also involves the hip flexors to a large extent. 

Lie flat on your back with your hands palms-down underneath your glutes to cradle your pelvis during the movement. Your upper back, arms, and hands will be all that is in contact with the floor throughout the exercise.

Keeping your legs stiff and straight, raise them up off the floor until vertical. Thrust your legs upward as though trying to put footprints on the ceiling. Keep your legs stiff and straight throughout the movement.

Lower your legs until your lower back is back on the floor then lower your feet down almost to the floor (don't touch the floor to maintain tension in the abs). These are much more effective than simple lying leg raises as the thrust up further works the lower abs.

When I first started working out again back in November/December I'd avoid these as much as I could. I could barely lift my legs in and up and when I managed to do so I could barely do 10 reps per set. 

I do the flat bench version which you can see at Over the last couple of months I've been able to increase to 12 reps and y range of mobility is getting better all the time. Today I was able to add the lift at the end...I haven't been able to do this, since, well, I honestly don't know when. 

The worst thing about this exercise is that I KNOW it's effective. There's nothing worse then hating something that you know is good for you. So, with that in mind...I highly recommend adding the Lying Leg Raise to your routine. If I can do this exercise - anyone can!

I find the biggest encouragement is when I complete a highly challenging exercise. I end up feeling like I kicked it's butt instead of it kicking mine. I encourage everyone to do at least one exercise you hate and tackle it until you make it your *****! 

Which exercise do you hate doing the most? What is your exercise nemesis?
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  1. I hate all leg exercises, they hurt and my legs aren't very strong... squats and lunges are the worst.. I've added stair climbing to try and get my legs stronger. We hate them cause they're hard but you do them long enough they won't be hard anymore! Hugs!


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