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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Feeling Good

Good Morning. I am feeling great today! I can't exactly explain why, I guess because I feel like I'm on the right path! It helps having accomplished a few things.

Yesterday I managed to complete the song list for Children's Church. Once, I've got the list confirmed with my co-coordinator I will be able to finish the binders for the Worship team and will finally be done the big stuff for Children's Church.

Last night I had my GEMS counselor meeting. It was great! We had so much to discuss and so many ideas for the coming year. We're all super excited. I have a large group this year of 8 girls. The meeting ran late and my house was full of people at 10 pm. I'm surprised my kids even went to bed. I've really missed being a part of GEMS. Last year was hard and stressful, but this year looks to be a lot of fun! I think for the first time since I started GEMS I feel prepared for what's to come. I know a lot of this comes from going to Conference and learning a lot about the program and getting some really good ideas on how to teach my group of girls.

The other day a friend of mine, Kali Wegg, was on the news giving a demonstration for her dance studio. I admit it...I love knowing people on TV.

Kali, together with Lyndon Andrews, recently opened Ottawa's newest and hottest dance school KaliAndrews Dance Company. They specialize in acrobatic dance and circus arts. KaliAndrews offers an all new type of intensive training program based on the latest dance trend known as “Acro”. Here is the demonstration hosted on A Channel News:

I can't imagine being that strong or flexible. That definitely takes talent! I hope you enjoyed the video. Please help spread the news about KaliAndrews Dance Company!

As you know my CIBC Run for the Cure is this Sunday. I made my donation goal and have surpassed it by $5. I believe there may even be a couple more donations coming in. I'm so excited. Friday after work I'm picking up my run kit. Sunday will be interesting since we opening ceremonies are at 8:20 am! That means we have to be up pretty early and get our butts downtown but I'm really looking forward to it.

I probably won't post again until Sunday with what my weigh in results are and details of the run. Be blessed and have a great day!

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