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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Plan of Action

Good Morning. I know I'm late with this post. I did start out on Friday to write an entry, but I decided with a New Year I needed a new blog design. So, I spent most of the day playing around with the look and feel. I had a more serious blue sophisticated style and quickly realized it just wasn't "Me".  

I do hope you like this new design. I tried to make it fun and to reflect me in blog form. Before you ask...No, I don't think I'm a decorative pillow. ;)

After the design was complete I knew what I wanted to write about but I wasn't ready. I told you last week my "resolution" is to stop procrastinating. Well, I worked out once last week and realized I need a good solid work out plan. The one I was using previously was a good stepping stone to getting back into working out, but I want More out of my work outs. 

It took me a blog re-design, a couple of days of gathering information, a whole lot of printing, hemming my jogging pants and an evening fixing up my weight room. Okay saying weight room sounds like I have this fancy place to work out when it's really my laundry room with my weight stuff in it, but hey I work with what I've got. 

I'm really pleased with my overall plan and how I've got everything set up. So, pleased I had to take pictures to show you:
I know it looks a little stalkerish but I assure you these are all exercises printed from
This is my cardio plan 
My stack of weights
My weight bench and running shoes
As for my plan itself, I'll pretty much be following the 12-Week Body for Life Schedule. I'll be weight training 3 times per week and on alternate days do cardio also 3 times per week with Sunday as my rest day. I'm going to use High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

Wish me luck I'm officially starting today after work! I must say I'm excited about hitting the weights again. I really do enjoy working out. See you all Friday!
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